Here's a bonus assignment for my senior math students.  Make a social media post as close to Pi as possible:  if using Twitter use #PiDay.  Take a picture of clock that you cannot change, so not your watch, phone or computer.  However, you can use a browser and go to a page with the official time such as:  Basically you get bonuses for the right date, hour, minute, and second.

  • 1% bonus to any test if you make a post on the March 14.
  • 2% bonus to any test if you make a post from 1:00-1:59 am/pm.
  • 4% bonus to any test if you make a post from 1:59:00-1:59:59 am/pm.
  • 8% bonus to any test if you make a post at 1:59:26 am/pm.

Email me a link to the post or picture so that I can verify it!  You can't do a screenshot because it is too easy to copy from someone else.  Note, I don't think that just a social media post can give you the proper second; you'll have to post a picture.

If you are getting a certificate security warning, you can accept it or bookmark instead of using

Here are videos for grade 11 and 12 students and grade 8 to 10 students wanting to enter service hours on Managebac.

Had some fun this Halloween!

Math Enrichment

Here's my thoughts on why education is important:  Our World.

Here is a recent article written about one of the early games that I worked on NHL 94 SNES and there's a video too.

For those who don't think homework is important; read the reply by Ryan Burnette in this forum.  If you can't access the link, here is the PDF.  Obviously these are opinions but there are some validity to them.  Some of the other responses are interesting too.

Here's a copy of my leadership presentation in PowerPoint format and in PDF format.

Here's a copy of my financial presentation in PowerPoint format and in PDF format.  The PowerPoint accesses these 2 spreadsheets:  Savings and Mortgage.

Here's a copy of my group work presentation in PowerPoint format and in PDF format.

After 4 months, ICBC called back and did approve my personalized plate.  Below is what the BC government thought of my original license plate request.  Apparently "PI GUY" was too close to "PIG GUY", a reference to Robert Pickton.


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