Schedules for Course Outlines

Here is a nice little tool to generate your course schedules.  You can set the linear/semester, start date, non-instructional days, non-test days and let the program figure out your schedule in an XML format that can be loaded into Excel.

Calculator Emulators

It's best to use an emulator when showing students how to use their calculators.  There are several free emulators available.  The TI SmartView may be difficult to buy in Canada.

For the TI-83+, there is an old program but works fairly well.  It's VTI; the only thing is it needs to run in administrator mode on Windows.  You will need a ROM image to use this.  You can download a ROM image from a calculator using the Link cable or try to find an image to download off the Internet.

For the TI-84+, there is a newer program.  It's Wabbitemu; this runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.  I haven't used it much, it seems stable.

Some students have opted for the lower priced Casio fx-9860 or fx-9750, so you might want the fx-9860G SD emulator; you have to be careful to transfer your programs into storage, otherwise they get deleted; you can transfer programs to/from your PC using the SD memory option.  The 2 models are virtually identical.  You may not be familiar with these models, so here is the instruction manual.

There is an online emulator for the TI models, so you can use this browser version as a last resort.  It runs a little slow, so it wouldn't be my first choice.  Here is jsTIfied.  You will need a special version of the ROM to upload when using your iPad; you need to convert the ROM into a JPG.  Just read the instructions on their website.

I have written some programs that make life easier for students; Programming Calculators.

If you want to produce a keystroke diagram, you can buy the software or you can use my files to cut and paste your own diagrams.  Here are the TI keys.  Here are the Casio Keys.

Test Banks

ExamView Workshop documents:  Word 2016, PDF - last updated Sept 23/17

Link to a step by step guide on creating different types of questions.

FMP 10 - This is an IB test bank, solutions not fully complete, but usable

PreCalc 12

The Jan 17-18, 2018 update was clarifying the wording for bi-modal questions and converting a few more questions from MC to bi-modal.


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